ASSOFT Information Technologies CITY PLANNING

Knowing every inch of the city Is now A reality

ASSOFT Information Technologies delivers an informed urban planning, and together with new methodical software input, which helps better determine the needs of the public, what means making more sustainable decisions. Artificial Intelligence expands into every field of society and business, where work and decision making could be more based on data. So far, smart cities have become just as smart as their creators.

How to benefit from ASSOFT Information Technologies Innovations in urban planning and management?

City management and urban planning are highly complex processes, and city infrastructure needs to be monitored continuously and rigorously. At the same time, the available data can be overwhelming, and it seems to be difficult to process without technical and scientific resources. At ASSOFT Information Technologies, we are aware that it is a common obstacle for city councils that work on tight budgets. We are prepared to address these issues and to show you that it’s possible to get valuable solutions quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Oil the Wheels of Smart Driving with ASSOFT Information Technologies

ASSOFT Information Technologies have understood the importance of keeping up with these revolutionary technological trends. Various studies carried out in relation to the field of transportation show that majority of accidents occur as a result of human error. The autonomy of the vehicle which entails the innovative technology of Artificial Intelligence is a sought-after solution to overcome challenges faced when driving. The concept of AI is made a reality owing to the structured annotating tasks performed by the skillful team members at ASSOFT Information Technologies.

While abiding by the driving norms of the region, Automated Driving enables smart decision making in lieu of a human through machine learning. With the assistance of the cameras fixed on the vehicle 360-coverage is captured while extracting an abundant of information needed for the sensing suite.

How ASSOFT Information Technologies Contributes in Smart Driving.

In partnership with a leading international automobile manufacturing company, ASSOFT Information Technologies contributes to build smart vehicles by performing tasks related to labelling data which could be in any form such as text, audio, images or video. This process is known in the world of AI as data annotation; an indispensable stage in machine learning. As a result of initial data annotation, machine learning models learn to detect recurring patterns of other vehicles, pedestrians, road signals/ signs and animals to name a few. After an algorithm has processed enough annotated data, it can start to recognize the same patterns when presented with unannotated data.

International clients across the continents and oceans seek to collaborate with us as our employees at all five leagues of ASSOFT Information Technologies have a sound knowledge in this annotation process. We continue to work on more innovative solutions in collaboration with leading automobile manufactures around the world. Through our future collaborative projects, we aspire to progress in the domain of automated driving by enabling a more customized self- driving experience fulfilling all the requirements of the user.

Our future Innovations

In this context, artificial intelligence, improvement of urban systems, and city management can be closely linked to each other. But it is also necessary to recognize the real needs of the inhabitants of cities, and how AI can act to improve urban conditions. Community involvement is also necessary so that people can trust the systems and take the necessary steps to correct possible errors.

The projects below are potential applications of ASSOFT Information Technologies artificial intelligence systems that are either in trial phases or already in operation. These systems all aim to improve the management of urban systems.

Public Transportation Optimization

From robots able to offer information to passengers at stations and transportation points to operating systems that optimize bus networks with real-time timesheets based on data such as passenger volume and number of daily trips per line, ASSOFT Information Technologies research teams is working towards applying public transport system in cities commencing from proposing to India city planning initially. In this the analysis of user experiences can also be collected, stored, and combined by applications based on the use of AI, promoting possible adaptations to user paths, using multimodal transport, and expanding the adhesion to the public transport network.

Traffic System Management

Traffic systems based in AI offer cities the power to improve the monitoring and data analysis of transit routes, traffic light control, and camera tracking. Video systems allow the recognition of different transport models, accident identification, and the distinction between vehicles and pedestrians, using that data to activate traffic flow control devices and analyze strategies for the future.

Optimization of Garbage Collection and Recycling

In the collection and sorting of waste products, ASSOFT Information Technologies methods can act in order to optimize selective collection, reduce the risk of injury to employees, and increase the recycling potential of cities. Cameras used both in dumps and in the recycling process are able, through artificial intelligence, to identify the different materials and separate them for recycling.

AI in Surveillance

The main benefit of surveillance cameras is the ability to collect evidence for debriefing or investigation, as well as the ability to view events remotely in real-time. Artificial intelligence is giving surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyze live video with no humans necessary. This could be good news for public safety, helping police and first responders more easily spot crimes and accidents and have a range of scientific and industrial applications.  

ASSOFT Information Technologies presence in urban modelling and digital twins will enable advanced monitoring, scenario testing, and optimization of all urban operational systems through real-time digital replicas as well as advancing resilience and circular economy agendas.