ASSOFT Information Technologies Transforming the Finance Industry

ASSOFT Information Technologies is leading the journey of enabling industry 4.0 in India. We are serving in AI out sourced services for 10+ years and able to maintain good relationship with our clients throughout this period. With the years of experience in AI services, we have taken another step to serve Banking and Finance sector which is managed by using the newest technologies all over the world. Our research and development team is presently planning on several solutions to ease the difficulties faced by many businesses like customer experience personalization and loyalty building to strictly technical financial features such as anomaly detection or fraud prevention.

The process of implementing AI in finance

The three main channels where banks & financial institutes can use artificial intelligence to manage costs are front office (conversational banking), middle office (anti-fraud) and back office (underwriting). Banks are leveraging AI on the front end to smooth customer identification and authentication, mimic live employees through chatbots and voice assistants, deepen customer relationships and provide personalized insights and recommendations.

Considering the importance of AI in banking and finance sector, we are looking forward to getting partnered with world’s top ranked AI based companies to drive India to industry 4.0 parallelly we are on barding Indian state owned and private owned banks and financial institutes to provide the AI based solutions to increase the security and quality of the services.

Artificial Intelligence and augmented analytics may, for some, be the driving force behind our current technological revolutions.

ASSOFT PAY, our innovative payment APP

Another solution of ours which caters to the Indian market is our very own ASSOFT Pay APP, which provides one payment solution to all of your payment’s requirements such as Mobile bill payments, water bill payment, etc.

Key features of this app;


Our digital payment system allows seamless and secure transactions via mobile phones. Our award-winning network is trusted by the community to provide you with peace of mind.


Our digital payment allows users to link your bank accounts, credit and debit cards as well as several other means of payment with your ASSOFTPay account to carry out transactions by simply scanning a QR code.


Our technology uses big data analysis to identify spending patterns, allowing users to accurately pinpoint frequent vendors and limit unnecessary spending. ASSOFTPay is also able to show users how their spending compares with other people in similar income brackets.


ASSOFT Information Technologies – The use cases of AI in finance

Customer Service – ASSOFT Information Technologies Using built-in chatbot and artificial intelligence technology, banking professionals can guide customers through different touchpoints of the buyer’s journey, capitalizing on rapid response times and personalization of the customer experience.

Fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) – Algorithms analyze the history of risk cases and identify early signs of potential future issues. AI in finance is a powerful ally when it comes to analyzing real-time activities in any given market or environment. ASSOFT Information Technologies solutions can drive significant efficiencies in operations like Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedures and transaction monitoring controls through machine learning and automating formerly manual workflows.

Compliance – By automating the flow of information between parties, data is transferred securely and quickly on one centralized platform. Each stakeholder is notified and part of the transaction and approval processes, removing the likelihood of human error and missed deadlines. Process automation can integrate with AI and RPA to help banks meet ever-changing policy shifts.

Risk management – This largely relies on predictive analytics and natural language processing to determine alternative credit risk score models.

Lending – Many banks today are turning to AI and process automation to digitize these processes, along with gaining a greater understanding of customer profiles based on data analytics. Processes like pre-screening, application processing, underwriting, and disbursal can be automated across a wide range of loan products by ASSOFT Information Technologies processes.