The ASSOFT Information Technologies Story

The name ASSOFT Information Technologies is synonymous with ground-breaking IT innovation in India, with an equally strong reputation globally. As a fully-owned subsidiary of the ASSOFT Corporation, we are recognized industry-wide as the country’s largest IT solutions provider. While drawing on the inherent strengths of its family business roots, ASSOFT Information Technologies has gone onto revolutionize the IT landscape across the globe in a meaningful and impactful way.

The ASSOFT Information Technologies approach is distinguished by an unwavering focus on remaining client-centered throughout the process, right from the requirement analysis stage through to delivery and upkeep thereafter. Parallelly, the knowledge-based environment that we actively cultivate helps empower our teams to pursue their passion for innovation in processes and solutions.

ASSOFT Information Technologies’s portfolio of solutions is diverse yet precise, with a keen focus on addressing the real world, industrial as well as commercial concerns of clients worldwide. ASSOFT Information Technologies reserves the distinction of being the only local corporate to offer a wide-ranging set of IT-based solutions including AI solutions; Data Services; Engineering Services and Managed Services

As each distinct service is offered through the framework of a singular yet comprehensive business structure, we are able to realize powerful synergies in crafting unique integrated solutions to successfully address any challenge conceivable.

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